zondag 10 februari 2013

2013/05 King Hollande

King Hollande

“King Hollande” might be a nice title for the new Monday Morning Update. In my country at the moment, all of the channels and parameters are focused on the abdication of Queen Beatrix. Long live the new king. It has been clear for years now that this news was coming, but still. I guess that happens when you look from the outside to the inside. You only see yourself. Meanwhile, I previously mentioned my concern for Mali, and now President Hollande of France was welcomed as a king there after his army chased away the rebels to other places where they can be rebels.
I must say I had mixed feelings about this military intervention. As a pacifist, I do not believe in military power, and as a skeptic, I have learned there is always some unknown self-interest in the game. However, in this case I was not so sure. The ideas of the rebels were extremely aggressive towards those who have other ideas. Cultural destruction and actively writing history are by definition barbaric. The people in the country were suffering long before the rebels arrived, and they still are. But France also showed some glimpses of self-determination. Since the EU has swallowed up most of the visionary ideas, politicians have only been conditioned to compromise for more of the same. As a warm supporter of the European idea, it is painful to see how we Europeans are using the possibilities so small-mindedly. I am with George Soros when he speaks out about not intentionally doing something very wrong. A Dutch politician recently remarked to Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain that the EU is not a supermarket, where you take what you like and leave what you do not like. It would be the simplest of metaphors to see society as a market: a supermarket. Meanwhile, the EU recently announced a guideline that paves the way for privatization of the water companies…
The PP reflection is in progress. The PP reflection is the Politics–Public reflection, where politics are slowly responding to public opinion and, at the same time, but independently from each other, the public is responding to the way politics operates. While politicians are acting like grown up consumers, the public learns to trust politicians without any vision, other than more of the same. But Hollande showed that there is something like foreign politics in the EU. Maybe that is the good news. I don’t know. As I mentioned, the institutes made me a little skeptical and Hollande did not intend to become king, I suppose.

I do not know if it was Goebbels who said this or Churchill, but he said, “The most stupid thing you can do ever in your life, ever, is make propaganda and then start believing it yourself.”

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