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2013/04 Improvising on Images

Improvising on Images

As if the sun came before the rain, we might think we have knowledge of the rhythm of life. Meanwhile, we have been conditioned to live in our cocoons. It is a normal thing to hire a carpenter or lawyer, to pay a doctor, but to ask the same question of someone who lives in the same block, in the same street, is much more difficult, since you do not know the person. Cocoon life is safe for those who do not want to be involved in more than there already is. And more of the same is already there.

This is how I got disconnected from my society. I have asked a lot of my friends. I have asked so much that I have started to feel uncomfortable about it. I have tried to give back what I have: music, images, stories, atmosphere, smiles, good aura. But gradually “what I give” became “my product.” Recently, society said, “What you do for us, go and do it for yourself.” If I’m successful, they will embrace it. But if I’m not successful, they will leave it for what it is. The content is not the matter and not the point. It is now time for me to learn how my society really defines success, because I kind of thought I had been quite successful in my work the last 10 years. But if this success is incompatible with the defined success formulas that go around, I can think whatever I like, but I will not get the response I need.
This week I attended the meeting of a grassroots organization presenting their activities in South Africa. I am into Africa. If this little column reflects on the interplay between the world and home, Africa, in my opinion, is the continent that deserves the most attention. Everything we would want to improve in the world is taking place in Africa. Since my visit there last year and the events currently taking place in Mali, the country has my great concern and attention. A friend who could not attend asked me how it was. In some ways, it was a little embarrassing. There was quite a lot of talk before my submission. My ammunition was used up before I started. So I gave a free interpretation of “improvising on images.” And probably most of the audience’s ears were flapping, like mine would, probably, if I were to hear it again.
Reasonably inimitable, with a strong emphasis on reasonably.So, actually it was fun. Although, I really did not feel like I was at the right place at that moment. I had a strong desire to be somewhere else: aversion to chumminess and pretty tired of talks that want to say anything but do not want to feel, besides eardrum vibrating, maybe. So, I took them along into another world of understanding, which they vaguely recognized and finally perceived.
Forget understanding…
What was that?
That’s fun!
It was something like that.

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