donderdag 11 april 2013

2013/13 Cannot maynot will not

Cannot may not will not has not is not knows not

One has to do something. Every parameter in our collective organization tells us we have a few options in choosing how to make a living: slime and be dull and have a job; slime and be corrupt and make yourself feel you live better than others; be extremely talented in popular activities like sports; win a lottery; or be an entrepreneur. So, we start doing something. I mean, we already were doing something, but now we have to make much more money doing it, because we have to pay ourselves for every hour. Prices keep rising, materials need to be maintained, networking and acquisition take a lot of time… So, besides the fact we were already giving 100%, we have to pump up the activities.

What to do? Well, actually this is not a problem. We know who we are, where we are, what we want, how to do it, and where to find the right people to help. We know how to be patient, and we have learned from the past. “You probably need permission” is a frequently heard phrase these days. What kind of permission? Who knows?!!! Then, I remembered this government information campaign from some year ago: the need for all the different permissions created too much bureaucracy. So, the structures were combined and things were meant to become easier. Now, the document you need to place a container in my yard is as thick as a horse. The decision will take between 8 and 26 weeks. Maximum prize: 1,384 euros. No minimum prize.

We have done so much to keep records of things, and we have accepted so many rules, that now citizens are not able to follow all the rules at the same time. Besides those who do not want to live by the rules because they have already decided they are too smashed down to have to do so, there are many who would like to but can’t, and even more who simply stay within the lines by being apathetic, watching TV, or escaping into cyberspace.

Whatever any department of our local government does, it can be overruled by the juridical department. And their rules are not kept in books but in libraries. I could give a compliment to the journalists who detailed the endless networks of corporate businesses with hundreds of subsidiaries in Bermuda, Jersey, the Virgin Islands and other such places. A lot of these island tax havens are British. No wonder they gave up everything in the EU in order to keep free reign over the City. The budgets on these islands are bigger.

Today, I prefer spontaneous improvisational organization. Away from the institutionalized functioning. Aronson (1969) proposed that cognitive dissonance can also arise when people become aware (new cognition) that their present behavior is at odds with the image they had of themselves (old cognition). In that case, then, it is not related to a process at the unconscious level. 

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