dinsdag 29 januari 2013

2013/01 Starting Pistol

starting pistol

This first week in 2013 started sad and ended sad, if you ask me. It started with Newyears bombardment with firecrackers (very popular in the Netherlands) spending over 70 million of the contemporary currency and resulting in hundreds of injured people, tens of thousands of complaints and politicians discussing if such a tradition should be banned or not and the millions of options in between. I remember last week they were discussing what would be the appropriate procedures if a stranded whale is found on the Dutch coastline.
Meanwhile the European transformation from technocracy into democracy is completely invisible, covered with radio silence, Syria keeps on exploding, ‘hopefully only Syria and not all the countries over there’, and more and more people live without health insurance or the security of being able to stay in their houses. 
Also, my friend died. Simple pneumonia, wrong timing and attention and never woke up anymore.
Today we have escorted Marc Sponz to another world. For 30 years he was one of those ‘brother-friends’, when friendship does not have to prove anything, because it is. The ceremony took place 145 KM away from Eindhoven, in the place where his parents live. Marc used to hide himself from the outside world and since he got fired about 10 or 15 years ago (he was the only working guy between artists, musicians, scumbags, students, self-employers etc.) he lived outside of the system. Not really a social number, or tax number, or insurance number, or all together at one moment…
Luckily we all together have been able to pull some good spirits from this day. There is a bunch of the old 2B crew, maybe 7-8 of them (like his brother Luk) of which some were born in this region ‘Zeeuws Vlaanderen’. It is a piece of Netherlands you can only reach by water or through Belgium.  So we did not expect so many people at this gathering. But there were 100 maybe 150 of them, maybe even more. His parents were overwhelmed with warmth. And maybe, finally, collectively, we have realized we all individually are responsible for taking care of ourselves and each other.
So, I do not know about you, but if a week starts sad and ends sad and still has an ending like this, I feel good enough to start the rest of the week.
Make your smile trigger you this time.

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